New Taste Test: Fudge Brownie Goldfish Grahams!

I saw these buggers in the store the other day and figured we were due for another taste test, especially since Pepperidge Farm has been churning out new Goldfish Graham flavors like their dad-gummed pants are on fire.   This bag looked particularly intriguing at the time because it was randomly sitting in the pasta sauce section of the supermarket I was in.  Fate, obviously.  Since I reviewed some other Grahams in a previous post, I won’t get into the titilating packaging details again, but here’s a pic of me holding the bag while crouching in a park in Bushwick in the middle of the night, because that’s normal:

goldfish grahams fudge brownie

I cracked open the bag and took an extreme close-up of them for your viewing and palm-reading pleasure:

goldfish grahams

“I seeeeee a BICYCLLLLLLLE…..”

And no, I did not reach into a litter box.  Those are some fine looking fudge fishies, generously coated in “flavor crystals”.  I threw all of those in my mouth at the same time for maximum tastification and also gave a few to my cronies who were lurking in the dark with me that evening.  Some of the reviews I heard included “they taste like Teddy Grahams”, “mmm!”, “it’s the cookie part of the Oreo”, and “who the f#@k are you?? Stop forcing Goldfish into my mouth, you psycho!  I’ll stab your face!!” from a not-so-friendly passerby in a hooded sweatshirt.  I agree with the Teddy Grahams and Oreo comments – it’s a perfect hybrid of both.  It has the taste of the Oreo cookie with the texture of a Teddy Graham.  They’re tasty, but like the other Grahams I’ve tasted, the only resemblance to Goldfish is their shape.  It would have been a lot better if they took regular cheddar Goldfish and drizzled a thin layer of fudge chocolate over them.  Holy sh!t, I think I need to do that at home right now.  Wow.  Gotta go!

Verdict: Tasty, but would be better ground up and stirred into a milkshake.

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