My name is Chris and Goldfish have been my favorite snack ever since I was a wee lad.  To this day, my roommate and I keep one of those massive 30oz cartons in our apartment at all times, and quickly go into panic mode when the carton is near empty.  We hoard Goldfish like doomsday preppers hoard assault rifles and canned snow peas.  They are the world’s most underrated snack.  A few years back, I felt that my Goldfish consumption needed to be taken to another level, so I got the idea to make Goldfish-breaded mozzarella sticks for a Super Bowl party (recipe will be one of the first posts to this blog).  They were a hit (uh-duh), so since then I’ve been thinking of other ways to incorporate Goldfish into my meals and into my daily life.  This blog will be dedicated to my undying love for Goldfish, and will list recipes, fun facts, polls, opinions, experiments, and will ask the tough questions about Goldfish that the world has previously been too afraid to ask.   Buckle your seat belt because we’re about to go where no blog has gone before… to Pepperidge Farm!

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