Merry Fishmas!

Ho ho holy crap, look what Santa put under the tree for me!!

Christmas Goldfish

And my stocking was stuffed to the brim with Christmas Goldfish!

stocking stuufer

I must’ve been a good Goldfisherman this year!  Immediately after taking that pic, I hooked the stocking loop around my ear and went to town, feed-bag style.  I’m sure it’s how Jesus wanted us to celebrate his birthday.  So the big question – do the Christmas Cheddar fish taste any different from the regular cheddar fish?  Kinda!  I figured they wouldn’t, and I didn’t taste anything different about them at first, but day 2 of eating them I noticed an odd aftertaste.  Nothing bad, but not the typical zing of the standard cheddar flavor.  Maybe it’s the food coloring?  The fact that I was eating them out of a stocking that had been stored in the corner of my closet for a year?  Consider it a mystery for the ages, but nevertheless, they were a tad askew.  Keep in mind- this is coming from me, who eats Goldfish like it’s my job (hey, why isn’t this my job??  Somebody pay me for this, will ya?!), so most people will probably think they taste great.  And they do!  I just taste-tested the friggin hell out of them, and had them for breakfast, brunch, lunch, linner, dinner, dessert, and dessertfast for 3 days straight.  Speaking of dessertfast, Goldfish would be good as a Rice Krispie treat… omg.. OMG.  OH.MY.GOD.  Gotta go!

Goldfish Soup!

Goldfish soup

Has anyone ever seen or had this??  I just stumbled upon it on the intrawebz and in turn discovered that Campbell’s owns Pepperidge Farm… who knew!?   Are there Goldfish crackers in there or is the pasta shaped like Goldfish?   My preliminary research has come up inconclusive so far.  From the looks of the can above doesn’t seem like either is the case… it’s just chicken soup with pasta shaped like stars and circles which is incredibly lame.  I did find multiple versions of this soup though, see below:

Goldfish soup 2

Now that one looks like the pasta is shaped like Goldfish, but there are no actual Goldfish Crackers in there.  HOWEVER:

goldfish soup 3

This one here looks like it has Goldfish in them because of the “whole grain” label on it.  WHAT IS GOING ON HERE SOMEBODY TELL ME!!

I gotta say though, as much as I love Goldfish, I can’t imagine a canned soup that already has the crackers inside it being anything but disgusting.  It’s just gonna be Goldfish mush, amiright??

If somebody has seen these soups or has had them, please reply in the comments section and lemme know the deal.  Whoever you are Campbell (if that is your real name), stop being such a mysterious temptress!!

The mac that smiles back!!

From a Daily News article I just stumbled upon by googling “goldfish news”:

It’s the “snack that smiles back,” and now the beloved childhood cracker is taking on a new identity: mac and cheese.

Pepperidge Farm has transformed the crunchy orange cracker into boxed Gold Fish Mac & Cheese. The lunchbox favorite will compete for shelf space with Kraft’s classic blue box, according to a Huffington Post report.

“Just like mac and cheese, the Goldfish brand is adored by children and adults alike, so it made perfect sense for us to add the fun and wholesomeness of Goldfish to this favorite classic food,” Jared Konstanty, senior vice president of snacks at Pepperidge Farm, said in a press release. “We’re thrilled to be able to deliver even more smiles in our devoted fans with the launch of Goldfish Mac & Cheese.”

The processed product is available exclusively at Walmart in four flavors: Butter Parmesan, Cheddar, Cheesy Pizza and Nacho Cheese.

The one-eyed smile and bite-sized crackers take the same shape in pasta form and the bright orange box models the original snack packagaing.

The suggested retail price for a 5.5-ounce package is 98 cents and will hit shelves nationwide this July.



The Huffington Post taste tests them here:   Best believe I’ll be taste testing them myself though.
Pepperidge Farm, you reading my blog??  I had a poll up asking my Goldfishianados if I should make Goldfish Mac ‘ Cheese.  Since you stole my idea, I want 49 cents for each box you sell, but I’ll reconsider that if you put a picture of me wearing a chef’s hat on each box, Chef Boyardee style.  Let’s talk this out.


Has anyone seen or heard of this??

goldfish bread

I just stumbled upon this online.  This better not be a cruel joke… I need to know where I can find this, and I need to know now.  Maybe good ol’ Amazon can help me, because THIS needs to happen:

goldfish sandwich

That’s so beautiful I could cry.  I want to blow that photo up, frame it, and hang it above my bed.  I will get to the bottom of this and report back.