Merry Fishmas!

Ho ho holy crap, look what Santa put under the tree for me!!

Christmas Goldfish

And my stocking was stuffed to the brim with Christmas Goldfish!

stocking stuufer

I must’ve been a good Goldfisherman this year!  Immediately after taking that pic, I hooked the stocking loop around my ear and went to town, feed-bag style.  I’m sure it’s how Jesus wanted us to celebrate his birthday.  So the big question – do the Christmas Cheddar fish taste any different from the regular cheddar fish?  Kinda!  I figured they wouldn’t, and I didn’t taste anything different about them at first, but day 2 of eating them I noticed an odd aftertaste.  Nothing bad, but not the typical zing of the standard cheddar flavor.  Maybe it’s the food coloring?  The fact that I was eating them out of a stocking that had been stored in the corner of my closet for a year?  Consider it a mystery for the ages, but nevertheless, they were a tad askew.  Keep in mind- this is coming from me, who eats Goldfish like it’s my job (hey, why isn’t this my job??  Somebody pay me for this, will ya?!), so most people will probably think they taste great.  And they do!  I just taste-tested the friggin hell out of them, and had them for breakfast, brunch, lunch, linner, dinner, dessert, and dessertfast for 3 days straight.  Speaking of dessertfast, Goldfish would be good as a Rice Krispie treat… omg.. OMG.  OH.MY.GOD.  Gotta go!

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