The mac that smiles back!!

From a Daily News article I just stumbled upon by googling “goldfish news”:

It’s the “snack that smiles back,” and now the beloved childhood cracker is taking on a new identity: mac and cheese.

Pepperidge Farm has transformed the crunchy orange cracker into boxed Gold Fish Mac & Cheese. The lunchbox favorite will compete for shelf space with Kraft’s classic blue box, according to a Huffington Post report.

“Just like mac and cheese, the Goldfish brand is adored by children and adults alike, so it made perfect sense for us to add the fun and wholesomeness of Goldfish to this favorite classic food,” Jared Konstanty, senior vice president of snacks at Pepperidge Farm, said in a press release. “We’re thrilled to be able to deliver even more smiles in our devoted fans with the launch of Goldfish Mac & Cheese.”

The processed product is available exclusively at Walmart in four flavors: Butter Parmesan, Cheddar, Cheesy Pizza and Nacho Cheese.

The one-eyed smile and bite-sized crackers take the same shape in pasta form and the bright orange box models the original snack packagaing.

The suggested retail price for a 5.5-ounce package is 98 cents and will hit shelves nationwide this July.



The Huffington Post taste tests them here:   Best believe I’ll be taste testing them myself though.
Pepperidge Farm, you reading my blog??  I had a poll up asking my Goldfishianados if I should make Goldfish Mac ‘ Cheese.  Since you stole my idea, I want 49 cents for each box you sell, but I’ll reconsider that if you put a picture of me wearing a chef’s hat on each box, Chef Boyardee style.  Let’s talk this out.

Whelp, I already know what I’m gonna be for Halloween next year!



That would be a gigantic Goldfish costume.  Don’t ask me how you breathe in there, but that’s not important.  Breathing is secondary to looking amazing in this Goldfish suit.  Check out the glorious side profile:

goldfish suit

Now how do you eat and drink while you’re wearing that thing?  That’s the question.  The costume is so big you could probably build cup holders inside it and just stash a bunch of beers in there and drop the empties out the bottom when you’re done with them.  You can even fall down a flight of steps in that thing and be totally fine!  It’s also perfect for driving during the day since you’ll be wearing a 10 foot long pair of sunglasses and won’t even need your car’s airbags!

I’m headed to New Orleans this weekend so hopefully I’ll find some crawfish Goldfish down there or get inspired to make a Goldfish po-boy when I get back.  Stay tuned!