Here’s a shamefully late Memorial Day post

I was prepared to post this when I got home from the Memorial Day BBQ I was at, but forgot and then continued to forget for 2 more weeks… until today!



I don’t even remember what that is.   I think it was Goldfish on a hot dog, but look at it closely… it looks like a loose meat sandwich on a bun with Goldfish on top.  And what’s up with that brown sogginess on the inside of the bun??  Gravy?  Doody?  I have a hard time believing that the person holding this grotesque monstrosity survived eating it, but hey, at least there were Goldfish involved.   If he’s still alive, I’ll ask him how/what it was and get back to you.   If he didn’t survive, we’ll remember him along with the rest of our fallen heroes next Memorial Day.

Pizza, revolutionized.

Well, I recently realized that my life until this point was a failure.  I had been so blind to an idea so simple.  But now I am embarking on a whole new world of deliciousness and I’d like to bring you all along for the ride:

goldfish pizza


It makes so much goddam sense that I’m questioning my intelligence for taking so long to think of it.  Now if I can only convince the pizza guy to roll Goldfish into the crust as when he’s preparing the pie….

Homemade Goldfish Snack Sighting!

My buddy Stu had an Arrested Development party this past Sunday and whipped up these bad boys:



That’s right.  That’s a hunk of chocolate with Goldfish in it.  I asked him what the recipe was so I could post it to the blog, and he said “I just took a bunch of chocolate and threw Goldfish in it.”  Boom.  It was genius in it’s simplicity, yet a achieved beautiful harmony of salty and sweet.  A munchstrocity of epic proportions.  Truly Stu-pendous.