Here’s a shamefully late Memorial Day post

I was prepared to post this when I got home from the Memorial Day BBQ I was at, but forgot and then continued to forget for 2 more weeks… until today!



I don’t even remember what that is.   I think it was Goldfish on a hot dog, but look at it closely… it looks like a loose meat sandwich on a bun with Goldfish on top.  And what’s up with that brown sogginess on the inside of the bun??  Gravy?  Doody?  I have a hard time believing that the person holding this grotesque monstrosity survived eating it, but hey, at least there were Goldfish involved.   If he’s still alive, I’ll ask him how/what it was and get back to you.   If he didn’t survive, we’ll remember him along with the rest of our fallen heroes next Memorial Day.

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