Whelp, I already know what I’m gonna be for Halloween next year!



That would be a gigantic Goldfish costume.  Don’t ask me how you breathe in there, but that’s not important.  Breathing is secondary to looking amazing in this Goldfish suit.  Check out the glorious side profile:

goldfish suit

Now how do you eat and drink while you’re wearing that thing?  That’s the question.  The costume is so big you could probably build cup holders inside it and just stash a bunch of beers in there and drop the empties out the bottom when you’re done with them.  You can even fall down a flight of steps in that thing and be totally fine!  It’s also perfect for driving during the day since you’ll be wearing a 10 foot long pair of sunglasses and won’t even need your car’s airbags!

I’m headed to New Orleans this weekend so hopefully I’ll find some crawfish Goldfish down there or get inspired to make a Goldfish po-boy when I get back.  Stay tuned!

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