The Joy of Goldfish

Turns out Julia Child was a fellow Goldfishianado!  Legend has it that she would serve Goldfish as hors d’oeuvres at dinner parties.  Seriously, google “Julia Child Goldfish” and you’ll find a bunch of great stuff, including this excerpt from a “Recollections About Julia Child” page:

I showed my nine year-old son Julia’s kitchen this summer — in the Smithsonian, now — and said, “see that table… I sat there early one evening at her house in Cambridge. She poured a lovely German wine and asked if I wanted something to eat.”

“What’d she fix you?”

“Well, she went over to a bin that opened from the cabinet in the pantry – inside I could see it was lined with a plastic sack. She pulled out a big handful of those little goldfish crackers.”

“We supped on fish and a fine white wine at Julia’s that night.”

Lucky bastard!  I also read that after she passed away, there was a memorial in Boston where they served Goldfish in her honor.  When I go, I want to be cremated and have my remains stored in a Goldfish bag.



Since the 4th of July is tomorrow, why don’t you sit back and learn how to cook some beef:

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