My brother went to Goldfish HQ and brought me back this swag!

Look at this rare sh!t!

rare flavors

Flavors beyond the wildest of imaginations!  Salsa con queso??  Queso fiesta???   Just stop.  I immediately ripped these open and shoved handfuls of each down my facehole.   Taste test time!

Now, I’m not big on the puffs, even if the flavor is “nuevo”.. I prefer the crunch of the classic ‘fish.  But these salsa con queso puffs were sexual in nature.

Salsa con queso

Apologies for the blurry photo, I was trembling with excitement.

It’s not what you’d expect: They taste more salsa-y than cheesy, but if I were blindfolded and asked what these tasted like, I probably wouldn’t say salsa either.  Maybe a pepper jack mixed with ketchup?  OK I’m not doing it justice.  But they were the biggest hit of the bunch!

The other favorite was the queso fiesta flavor-blasted (non puff) Goldfish.  These kinda tasted like the salsa con queso puffs, but having the traditional Goldfish crunch and texture gave them extra points.  They shaded a bit towards the pizza flavor, which isn’t my favorite, but there was definitely a unique cheesiness to them.  I think naming them “cheese party” was a correct choice.

The saddest part of all this is that these flavors are impossible to find!  I had never seen them before and I haven’t seen them since.  Makes me wish I didn’t eat all of them in 4 minutes.