I don’t even remember how I found this on the internet, but apparently Pepperidge Farm had this 5-ton masterpiece driving all over the country handing out Goldfish about 10 years ago:

Why wasn’t I notified of this??  You’re too good for Brooklyn, Goldfishmobile?  I’m sorry, I didn’t mean that… please come to my house and I’ll apologize in person.  And bring the 5,031,936 Goldfish you can supposedly carry inside you.

First off, can we talk about the girl at 0:27?   Effing priceless.  And how did this Rob Knowles character get the job of driving the Goldfishmobile?  I guess it pays to be Beyonce’s brother.  Bastard.

I dug around a little more and discovered that the Goldfishmobile was created by the same people who made the Oscar Meyer Weinermobile, check it out:   They even make a Peep Bus and a Yoohoo garbage truck… patio… thing..

Their website gives photos of the fabrication of this beast:

I shall use this information to make my own!  Bye bye, 1998 Ford Escort SE (Shitty Edition)!  You can only fit 249,412 Goldfish inside you?  Pathetic.  You’re dead to me.

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