New respect for Kelly Ripa

Apparently Kelly Ripa is a big fan of Goldfish and would never give them up:

It turns out she is a filthy liar though!  For some insane, inexplicable reason, she gave up Goldfish for Lent.  Here’s a random interview I found on the intrawebz:
Is there a food you can’t keep in the house because you’ll eat it in one setting? I saw your tweet about Girl Scout cookies.

“You know Girl Scout cookies are only once a year. I don’t have a tremendous sweet tooth, so I’m great with keeping sweets, ice cream, and all of that.
My big downfall is, and I gave them up for Lent, Pepperidge Farm goldfish. Even in the giant gallon box, I will sit and eat them. And I stress eat them while I’m watching The Biggest Loser or American Idol or anything where someone is about to be eliminated. I just stuff my face with goldfish crackers!”

But thankfully, Lent is only temporary and she was excited to get her back to her fish, as per her tweeter:

Only 5 days till I’m back to my goldfish crackers!
4:37 PM – 19 Apr 11

Prior to discovering this, I was pretty indifferent towards Kelly Ripa, but after reading that she eats out of the gallon box and stuffs her face with them, I have a whole new respect for her, despite her inexcusable mistake of giving them up.  Hopefully next year she gives up Lent for Lent.  Kelly, you can atone for your sins by having me on your show as a weekly segment where I cook up my Goldfish recipes.  Call me.

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